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December 7, 2023
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Romania Ensures 90% of Gas Consumption in Republic of Moldova

According to Romania’s Foreign Minister, Mr. Bogdan Aurescu, Romania is the leading gas supplier for the Republic of Moldova. Precisely, Romania ensures 90% of the gas consumption in the neighbouring country.

Bogdan Aurescu says at one local TV station, Digi 24, that the situation is complicated, and the help Romania offers is much needed.

The situation is serious, because at this moment the Republic of Moldova has a very complicated energy situation, being 100 percent dependent on external resources both in terms of gas and electricity. For electricity, Romania already provides, I think, more than 90% of the consumption needs of the Republic of Moldova at this moment. From this point of view, I would say that Romania’s reaction was extremely prompt from the moment when facts were shown after the bombings in Ukraine, Ukraine was no longer able to export electricity to the Republic of Moldova. And then, that quantities that the Republic of Moldova bought from Ukraine was and is currently provided to Romania. For now we can provide this need. (…) At this moment we can support the Republic of Moldova with electricity supplies.

Romania’s Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu on gas exports to Moldova

Besides, Romania also exports firewood and fuel oil to the Republic of Moldova in an attempt to help the country pass the coming winter.

Recently, Romania announced that it had filled 90% of its gas storage capacity, being the first European country to ensure its consumption for the winter. More than that, Romania announced that it could help the European countries in need with gas and electricity.

Romania has the most profitable company in Eastern and Central Europe: Hidroelectrica S.A., the primary electricity producer in the country. Also, Romania is one of the region’s largest gas producers, allowing it to export to countries in need.

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