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June 17, 2024
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Advertising with Valahia News

Advertising with Valahia News

Valahia News is a news platform to keep people updated with the latest news in politics, economy, technology, justice, society, and sports. More than that, Valahia News is an advertising platform where every company can increase their business through a good post on our platform.

Working with Valahia News has the advantage of publishing your press materials in both English and Romanian, which gives you an advantage in reaching both audiences – English and Romanian speakers. In addition, we promote each post, whether informational or sponsored, to ensure that it reaches the broadest potential audience. Whether your company launched a new product, got a great result recently, organized a big event, or has an important announcement, our advertising platform is the right place to boost a post.

Let’s have a look at how you can make your business grow by advertising with Valahia News:

  • Publishing press releases in English and Romanian – You can boost your company’s visibility by posting a press release with us. Sticking to a long-term press release distribution strategy lets customers know who you are and why they need you. Press releases published by media platforms will give you valuable backlinks to your website.
  • Displaying your banners across different areas on our platform – you can show your banners on our website (homepage, section page, article section, sides). All the banners are linked to the client’s website or landing page.

Advantages of advertising with Valahia News:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Brand recognition has improved.
  • We use social media to share content across our accounts and relevant social media groups.
  • Referral traffic is traffic that comes from other people directing their friends and family to your website
  • Immediate exposure to a demographic similar to your target market aids in the creation of a new marketing channel
  • Improvements in domain authority
  • The platform is bilingual (English and Romanian).
  • Posts that have been boosted to help you reach your target audience.
  • The quantity of views for each advertorial released is completely transparent.

Choose a package that will best address your business goals

Press Release of your advertorial:

  • 1 article published with a back link: 200 EUR plus VAT
  • 3 articles published, each with a back link: 500 EUR plus VAT
  • 5 articles published, each with a back link: 800 EUR plus VAT

Press Release, content writing included:

  • 1 article published with a back link: 300 EUR plus VAT
  • 3 articles published, each with a back link: 800 EUR plus VAT
  • 5 articles published, each with a back link:1300 EUR plus VAT

Banner displaying for one month:

  • homepage banner (any dimension): 150 EUR plus VAT
  • sections banners (fixed dimension): 100 EUR plus VAT
  • other sections banners (fixed dimensions): 100 EUR plus VAT

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