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March 31, 2023
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Romania’s Gas Storage: 90% already Filled In

Romania accelerates preparations for harsh winter. Amid the energy crisis and the Ukrainian-Russian conflict near its borders, Romania must be ready for the worst-case energy scenario. This is why 90% of the gas storage in the country has already been filled in, according to Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

Romania’s gas storage have exceeded the filling rate of 90%. We have 477 million more cubic meters of gas stored than last year. This means that Romanians will have at their disposal the necessary amount of gas to get through this winter well, regardless of what the weather will be like. The government will continue to support both citizens, industry and the economy in general during the cold season through measures such as capping energy prices.

Romania’s PM Nicolae Ciuca on Facebook

Half of the 55 million cubic meters of natural gas required for domestic consumption on a winter day is currently being produced within the country. The rest are secured from existing deposits.

The European Parliament approved on June 23 a plan to accelerate the storage of natural gas within the EU countries before winter. This protects businesses and households if Russia suspends supplies to counter economic sanctions imposed on Ukraine’s conflict. EU countries should aim to have their reserves filled at 85% by November 1 and 90% starting in 2023. Romania is way ahead and could be a supplier for other European countries.

Romania already helps Moldova pass through these difficult times and promised to offer gas and electricity to the sister country.

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