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May 22, 2024
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Wife of Russian Ambassador to Romania Dies in Bucharest’s Residence

The wife of Russian Ambassador to Bucharest, Valeri Kuzmin, tragically passed away following a cardio-respiratory arrest. She experienced severe respiratory distress before the arrival of emergency services, who found her in a critical condition.

According to sources, calls to the unique emergency number 112 were made around 04:00 a.m., on Tuesday, April 9th morning, and the ambassador’s wife allegedly complained of feeling unwell and breathing problems. When emergency crews arrived, she was in cardio-respiratory shock. Despite the swift and exhaustive efforts of the SMURD team, they could not revive her.

The medical staff later reported, around 05:00, that the ambassador’s wife had died. Her body remained inside the Russian Embassy premises, where the Ambassador’s family lives. Reportedly, she is going to be transported to Russia to be buried.

The incident has brought a wave of sympathy towards the ambassador and his family during this difficult time.

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