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May 30, 2024
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Opinion Poll: Nationalists on Second in Voting Intention in Romania

Nationalists are on second in voting intention in Romania, according to the latest political opinion poll in the country. The progressist party USR initiated the poll.

According to the answers, if elections were to be organized this Sunday, the results would look like this:

  • PSD – Social Democratic Party (in power) – 28%
  • AUR – The Alliance for the Union of Romanians – 22%
  • PNL – The National Liberal Party (in power) – 18%
  • USR – The Save Romania Union – 13%
  • UDMR – The Democratic Union of the Hungarian in Romania (now in Opposition) – 6%

This is quite an exciting trend – while the Socialists and the Liberals, now forming the Governing Coalition, fall in voting intention, the Nationalists drastically increase. This trend follows the high inflation rate, the slowing down of the economy, and the people’s lack of trust in the Government.

The recent three-week strike of the teachers showed that society has far more profound problems, and disappointment with Government’s actions is acute. This is why the Governing parties – PSD and PNL, are dropping while AUR, the only Opposition party visible through actions rather than statements, grows.

Rumours of early elections are not rumours any longer, and political pundits expect such a move to be adopted by both PSD and PNL, for fear the Nationalists would grow even more.

Meanwhile, the recent PM rotation is seen as good by 12%, while 35% say it is terrible. 48% of respondents have a neutral attitude towards this topic, while 49% say things will stay the same. On the other hand, 34% say things will get worse.

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