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May 22, 2024
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Romania: Inflation Drops to 6.7%, Still Highest in EU

According to the European official statistics for March, Romania is the EU’s inflation champion.

In March, Romania had the highest inflation in the European Union, at 6.7%, a long way from the next ranked, Croatia, with 4.9%, according to the data published on Wednesday, April 17, by the European Bureau of Statistics Eurostat.

Eurostat inflation in March

The EU average was 2.6%, down from 2.8% in February, while in March 2023 the inflation rate was 8.3%. In the euro area, the average rate was 2.4%.

The member countries that enjoyed the lowest inflation rates were Lithuania (0.4%), Finland (0.6%) and Denmark (0.8%).

At the opposite pole are Romania, Croatia, Estonia and Austria (the last two with 4.1%). However, the situation in Romania has improved compared to February, when annual inflation was 7.1%. In the case of Croatia and Austria, the rate is increasing in March.

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