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June 22, 2024
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The Dull-Witted Generation: Less than Half of Young Romanians Pass Baccalaureate

There is a visible trend in Romanian schools, with pupils more interested in sex, drugs and making easy money, possibly by breaking the law. Schools are not what they used to be, and kids these days, in general, are less and less gifted and less preoccupied with performing in school or life by learning.

Spending all day on TikTok, Instagram or other social media platforms, taking influencers as models in life without judging the values influencers promote, the dull-witted generation seems to view school as a place to spend time, not to learn. Short clips of fights between kids are exceeded in graphic violence by the criminal behavior of kids slashing their teacher’s throat in front of their colleagues. The violence in Romanian schools reached a certain level where you are sure that nothing good could come up from this unwitted generation.

Not only that, but PISA tests show that young Romanians are increasingly stupid every two years, and their capacity to understand what they read decreases significantly. The failure of the Romanian education system is so severe that nothing could stop its falling in the following five years, no matter how hard he tried.

All these are facts. Even though the current President has just launched a plan called Educated Romania, the young generations behave beyond the worse nightmare.

Of course, there are exceptions. Some kids go to the Olympiads, some return home with gold and silver medals, and others are talented and gifted. But now they are mere exceptions.

A study by World Vision Romania, a Romanian NGO, cited by edupedu shows that less than half the kids enlisting the educational system in Romania 12 years ago passed the Baccalaureate. More precisely, only 42.3% of students in first grade 12 years ago passed the Baccalaureate exam in 2023. The situation is much worse in rural areas: only 27.7% passed the Baccalaureate among those enrolled in 2011 at the school.

No wonder Romania loses its identity, culture and values each year. This is the consequence of a malfunctioning educational system, a not-so-bright political class and an entire generation of parents less preoccupied with the education of their offspring.


John Berwick July 10, 2023 at 7:43 am

Romania’s poor education system is only a small part of the problem. Another significant part is the very poor standard of journalism in this country.. (Believe me: I have worked as a journalist in Germany for twenty years.) For example: this supposed article on Romanian education is not a news report at all; it’s. an “opinion piece.

Valahia.news July 22, 2023 at 8:46 am

Yes, it could be what you say, and we respect your career and opinion. Yet, the article cites the sources and studies from which we took the information, which makes it news.
Also, the article had been listed under the Opinion category, so we checked this rule as well.
PISA tests results show Romanian teenagers’ degrading ability to understand what they read. Except for the Olympiads, where only elites perform, results are poorer and poorer. But we completely understand your disagreement with the naked facts. Anyone can interpret facts in their way.
We can always learn from Germany when it comes to journalism, but also from any other country, as long as journalism in Romania and journalists are not looked down on.
Thank you for reading our opinion and news.


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