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June 17, 2024
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Almost Half of Romanians Think Country Is at Risk of Future Attack by Russia

Almost half of Romanians think their country is at risk of future attack by Russia. This is the most surprising conclusion of an opinion poll conducted by the reputable poll institute IRES in December.

43% of the respondents answered that Romania is in danger of being attacked by Russia in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict near Romania’s borders.

Interestingly enough, women are the ones who are afraid more of a potential attack, while men seem to be more confident that the country is safe: only 49.9% of women said there is no risk, while 62.5% of men offered the same answer. Moreover, 67.3% of those who said the country is not at risk are highly educated, while the majority of the less educated said their country was at risk, and Russia could attack in the future.

The opinion poll also revealed that the political supporters of the left-wing parties are more inclined to say Russia is going to attack Romania, while the right-wing and the nationalists chose the other answer.

A conclusion here? The more connected to reality, the less inclined to fantasize about the current global and regional agenda. Apart from that, Russia is still a major threat, and the NATO forces present in Romania are one of the most major deterrents to discourage a Russian attack.

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