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April 19, 2024
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Romania to Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehamer: Welcome to the Schengen Area!

Romanian TV station Antena 3 CNN displays a special message for the Austrian Chancellor, Karl Nehammer, on the screens of his route during his visit to Bucharest at the EPP Congress.

The initiative was taken in the context of Austria blocking Romania’s access to the Schengen Area, even though the country fulfilled all the criteria to join the economic area. This triggered protests in Romania and a massive boycott against Austrian companies.

A special welcome message for Karl Nehammer is projected on the screens in Bucharest from Antena 3 CNN: “Schengen is here!”

Photo source: Antena 3 CNN

The time has come for me to make a significant announcement. Karl Nehammer will arrive in Romania tomorrow morning, and Antena 3 CNN has prepared a surprise for him. Take a look at what’s happening all over Bucharest right now. On all screens, we welcome Chancellor Nehammer and say Schengen is here.
We will replay these images from all video walls in Bucharest, the moment the chancellor arrives in Romania arrives at Otopeni Airport. In Bucharest, in the whole city, this message from Antena 3 CNN says very clearly “Welcome, Mr. Chancellor! Schengen is here!”

Antena 3 CNN CEO Mircea Gadea

Karl Nehammer met on Thursday in Bucharest with Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu and President Klaus Johannis.

Notably, the Austrian delegates to the EPP Congress voted in Bucharest that Romania should be a Schengen member. Yet, Karl Nehammer didn’t mention Romania’s joining Schengen during his speeches.

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