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January 28, 2021
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Restaurants from Romanian City Offer Discount to Covid-19 Vaccinated Customers

Restaurants from Brasov, Romania, offer 10% discount to their customers if they prove to have taken the COVID-19 vaccine. The action is the only one of this type in Europe and its goal is to encourage more Romanians to take the vaccine.

In a country where only close to 30% of the population is willing to take the vaccine, while other 30% are totally against it, such actions might help the 40% remaining, who are undecided, to take the vaccine.

The restaurants from Brasov are not at their first out-of-the-box idea. In spring, during the emergency situation, they organized the so called “White ribbon protest“, during which the owners hang up white ribbons on their doorsteps whenever the local authorities would control their business abusively.

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