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September 28, 2020
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Romanian Laser from ELI-NP Reached 10 Petawatts on the Entire Length of the Equipment

Romanian Laser installation from Magurele, ELI-NP, has just completed its second phase: the equipment reached 10 Petawatts on all its length. The event comes after last year the laser reached 10 Petwatts, but at that time only a small part of the installation was tested for this huge power.

This means that the equipment is functioning very well on all its length and it is ready to be used by scientists for researches.

Actually, the most powerful laser in the world is now entering its third phase: testing and experimenting using the full power of the installation. In fact, the laser from Magurele is so powerful that it reached 10% of the power of the sun.

Most likely, the period to start experimenting at ELI-NP will be Q1 2021, not soonest.

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