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January 31, 2023
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Eurostat: Romania Has the Highest Rate of Material Deprivation among Young People

EU statistics on income and living conditions on 26 EU Member State show that 7% of young people are in a severe material and social deprivation rate in 2020. The percentage increased by 2% compared to 2019.

Eurostat: 7% young Europeans are severely materially and socially deprived

The problem of limited material and financial possibilities that young people (15-29 years) are facing has a deeper meaning and long-lasting consequences. This issue may affect the youth’s lives in all aspects, including individually and socially.

According to Eurostat, the data of risk and poverty or social exclusion in 2020 among youths suggests that young people are not financially stable because they decide to move toward an independent life, leaving the parental household.

Romania has the highest rate of deprivation among the young people: 24%

Among the EU Member State, Romania has registered 24%, the highest proportion of young people in 2020 severely materially and socially deprived. Bulgaria, with 21%, and Greece, with 16%, are the other two countries in a similar situation.

On the other hand, Luxembourg, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Slovenia, Poland, Netherlands, Czechia, Cyprus, Sweden and Austria register less than 3%.

When comparing 2020 to 2019, Romania’s situation has worsened. Romania recorded the most significant increase in the proportion of severely materially and socially deprived people.

The situation regarding this matter in Romania is created because of the lack of concern of the Romanian state towards young people. Romanian State does not take the proper measures regarding the increasing poverty rate among young people. This is an alarming sign for Romania, which faces a high emigration issue among young adults. Until new job opportunities are created, or integration measures in the field of work are taken for the young adults, this situation won’t change.

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