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May 22, 2024
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Zelensky Cancels Speech in Romanian Parliament for Fear of Protests from Opposition

President Volodymyr Zelensky, visiting Romania, cancelled his speech in the Romanian Parliament. The reason behind this, sources say, is the fear of announced protests in Parliament against the Ukrainian official. This would send an unrepairable image to the international public, not only about the support Ukraine has from Romania but also about the country itself.

Ukraine is not the most popular country for Romanians, despite the military and logistic support the Romanian Government offers its Northern neighbour. Yet, the Bystroye Canal issues between the two countries and the cheap contaminated Ukrainian grain scandal spoiled Ukraine’s image in Romania.

Why did Zelensky cancel a speech in Romania’s Parliament?

Zelensky’s speech cancelling is because the Romanian Opposition prepared protests in Parliament during the speech.

George Simion, the leader of the Nationalist Party AUR and Diana Sosoaca, the leader of the Suveranist Party SOS, were the two leaders to announce the protests.

We are going to war for Zelensky’s grain! March out of our country, godless man! If you think we will sit idly by, you are wrong!

Senator Diana Sosoaca before Zelensky’s visit to Romania

Not only that, but Geroge Simion mocked the cancellation of Zelensky’s speech.

With pain in our hearts, we announce that the brave Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, will no longer come to the Romanian Parliament today.

George Simion, AUR leader

Both leaders are banned from entering Ukraine. Diana Sosoaca is banned from entry into Ukraine after she initiated a bill for Romania to get back its former territories from Ukraine. Zelensky considers Romania occupied North Bukovina in 1918, as revealed in a speech in the Ukrainian Parliament in December 2020. This made the Romanian Government at the time to protest against this historical ineptitude.

The Ukrainian President is meeting his Romanian counterpart and the head of Government instead.

Late edit: Being asked by the Romanian journalists, during the joint press conference held with President Johannis, why he cancelled the speech in Parliament, Zelensky replied he hadn’t had any speech ready and hadn’t planned to deliver a speech. In political pundits’ opinion, this saved the day for Romania and made it look like the long-awaited speech wasn’t on President Zelensky’s agenda.

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