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May 22, 2024
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The Universe of Salvador Dali Exhibition in Bucharest Extends until September 1

As a result of the massive success registered among the public, the exhibition “The Universe of Salvador Dalí,” which presents an impressive variety of art objects of the famous artist at ARCUB – Gabroveni Inn, is extended until September 1, 2024.

Initially scheduled for December 13, 2023 – May 12, 2024, the exhibition offers the unique chance to explore the depths and eccentricities of the genius of Salvador Dalí through bronze and glass sculptures, lithographs, engravings, book illustrations, gold miniatures inlaid with precious stones, surrealist furniture bearing the unmistakable artist’s imprint.

Tens of thousands of visitors stepped into the exhibition spaces of the Gabroveni Inn five months after its opening. They entered the fabulous world of one of the most representative surrealist artists. Until September 1, families, students, tourists, groups of children, art lovers can admire the famous soft watches that win the eternal battle with time, reinterpretations of femininity, embodied in bronze sculptures, such as Venus the Giraffe or Tribute to Terpsichore, Dalinian versions of biblical legends such as Saint George and the Dragon, or ambiguous, distorted works such as Indonesian Mannequin and Premonition of Drawers – Dalí’s proposals to interpret art through the subconscious.

A universe where the boundaries between reality and dream blur, the exhibition forces the viewer to decipher the hidden messages of the artist and to ask questions about the role that objects play in the construction and deconstruction of reality: surrealist angels, butterflies and other Dalinian symbols – ants, eggs, drawers, snails – reproduce distorted images, from the depths of the subconscious, materialized in Dalí’s experiments with various forms of expression and materials (gold, bronze, Daum glass).

The art objects on display reflect part of the eccentric Salvador Dalí’s personality, his multiple interests: religion, literature, music, mythology, and philosophy, and his deep relationship with his wife, Gala. The series of illustrations Secret Poems, Moses and Monotheism, La Fontaine’s Bestiary, After 50 Years of Surrealism, Conquest of the Cosmos or Ghosts and Objects of the Future are just some of Salvador Dalí’s objects that illustrate the vast culture of the famous artist as well as his unique manner of explaining and transpose realities from one’s own life.

The jewelry sculptures in the exhibition illustrate, at the same time, Dalí’s fascination for precious metals and his immense creativity and inspiration: Alice in Wonderland, the Triumphant Angel, and the Unicorn reiterate the artist’s obsessions in a harmonious fusion of gold with precious stones and Dalí symbols.

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