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June 15, 2024
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Genpact Opens AI Innovation Center in Bucharest

The outsourcing service provider Genpact Romania, a subsidiary of the American Genpact group, inaugurated in Bucharest the third innovation center in the field of Artificial Intelligence, after the one that opened last month in India and the one that opened last year in London. Bucharest is becoming more and more attractive to AI-based technology development companies.

The center will be dedicated to Genpact’s experts’ and customers’ exploration to bring together ways to reinvent business processes with the help of AI solutions. Customers will go through concept identification, prototyping, testing and implementation.

The recent evolution of the AI sector has been marked by rapid advancements in machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and neural networks, leading to significant improvements in applications ranging from healthcare diagnostics to autonomous vehicles.

This accelerated growth has amplified the need for dedicated developers with specialized AI technology skills. These developers are essential for innovating and refining AI systems, ensuring they are ethical, robust, and scalable.

As AI continues to integrate deeper into various industries, the demand for expertise in AI development is paramount to drive forward research, maintain competitive edges in technology, and address the complex challenges associated with AI deployment and maintenance. The unique combination of programming proficiency, analytical skills, and ethical considerations positions dedicated AI developers as critical to the future landscape of technology.

The AI Innovation Center offers partners and partners the space to reimagine their business processes with Genpact’s AI experts.

Marina Vernetti, Chief Operations Officer, EMEA, Genpact

Bucharest hosts the largest Genpact operational center in Europe, inaugurated in 2005. The company has 4,000 employees in Romania.

By the end of this year, company representatives aim to recruit 1,000 people in areas such as finance, risk management, sales and commercial services, IT support, data analysis and other roles.

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