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July 12, 2024
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EURO 2024: Romania’s Team Leaves Tournament, Unites a Nation

Romania lost the game in the round of 16 against the Netherlands, but the elimination from the EURO 2024 tournament leaves the nation more united than before.

Romania lost the match against the Netherlands on Tuesday, July 2, 0-3, but the Romanian team succeeded in having a formidable start. For 15 minutes, Romania attacked fiercely, and the Dutch team had no other option but to defend.

Unfortunately for the Yellow Wall, as the Romanian enthusiastic fans were nicknamed, the Dutch started to counterattack, taking advantage of the Romanian players’ mistakes. The score didn’t necessarily show what happened on the pitch, but the Netherlands went further while Romania went home.

Even so, the nation, abroad or in the country, showed their hearts still beat for the National Team, regardless of the matches’ outcome. At the end of the knockout match, the Yellow Wall chanted and congratulated the players for their dedication.


Romanian Fans’ Incredible Support After 0-3 Defeat Against Netherlands romania euro2024 netherlans foootball fyp

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Despite their value as a team and individual players, ten times less than the Dutch team, Romania showed courage and determination. Their journey at the EURO 2024 has just ended, but the players show that the country now has a National Team that can play against Europe’s best teams.

Romania will now start thinking about qualifying for the World Cup. The only uncertainty is the coach, Edward Iordanescu. Rumour has it he already announced to his closest friends that he wants to leave the National Team.

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