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December 10, 2023
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Political Rotation (Finally) Occurs in Romania: New PM Will Be a Socialist

The Prime Minister rotation, a political mechanism agreed upon by the current governing coalition when it took power in 2021, finally occurs. Initially set up to take place in May this year, the political action was postponed until mid-June.

On Monday, June 12, the current Prime Minister, Mr. Nicolae Ciuca, resigned. The Liberals proposed him in 2021 and, according to the agreement within the Coalition, the leader of the Social Democratic Party – PSD, Mr. Marcel Ciolacu, will replace him.

A few more procedures are to be fulfilled, though. The first step is for the head of state to nominate Ciolacu as the proposed Prime Minister; after that, he should nominate his cabinet and pass the vote in Parliament. Either way, Marcel Ciolacu is agreed to rule the Government until the next general elections in 2024.

There are speculations that the current social crisis, with the teachers’ strike finally ending these days, was artificially created to impact the final days of Ciuca’s mandate as Prime Minister.

This idea is partially confirmed as also, today, the Government agreed with all the teachers’ requests, hiking salaries for Education employees by 25%.

Sources say Marcel Ciolacu will be invested as Prime Minister by Thursday, June 15.

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