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July 16, 2024
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Hungarian Minority Enters Opposition in Romania

Hungarian Minority enters Opposition in Romania. Following the Prime Minister rotation procedure, new negotiations occurred between the former political allies: Socialists, Liberals and Hungarian Minority representatives. The negotiations were supposed to offer each political party ministries, according to the protocol they signed in 2022.

The party leaders failed to agree on the ministries supposed to be allotted to the Hungarian Minority Party – UDMR, which led to ousting this political party from the governing Coalition.

UDMR asked to be offered the Ministry for Development, a “rich” institution responsible for offering funds for different national, regional or local projects. This also offers the party holding this ministry a specific influence within the Coalition. The Socialists refused to offer this ministry to UDMR.

Eventually, the Ministry for Development will be led by a Liberal, to the disappointment of Kelemen Hunor, the leader of the Hungarian Minority.

Marcel Ciolacu, the leader of the Social-Democratic Party, is to form the new Government, as the President named him the designated Prime Minister. According to official sources, the new Cabinet is to be sworn in by Thursday, June 15. This allows a smooth political transition from one Prime Minister to the other, a premiere in Romania.

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