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March 5, 2024
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NATO’s Deputy Secretary General Is First Choice in Romania’s Presidential Election Voting Intention

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană is still the first choice to vote in the presidential elections as an independent candidate, with 26.5%. He is followed by Marcel Ciolacu, president of the Romanian Socialists, with 18.9% and Diana Şoşoacă, president of the nationalist SOS party, with 14%. Diana Sosoaca is the one who determined the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, to cancel his speech in the Romanian Parliament.

George Simion, the president of the other nationalist party, AUR, and Nicolae Ciucă, the president of the Romanian Liberals, follow in the intention of voting in the presidential elections, according to the latest poll conducted by INSCOP.

Interestingly, in the version in which the Pro Romania leader, former prime minister Victor Ponta, would also run, the percentages would decrease, especially for the PSD candidates, Marcel Ciolacu and AUR, George Simon.

Romanians are interested in voting, especially in a year with four rounds of elections. 9.8% of Romanians said that they would not go to vote, while 64.4% said that they would vote.

If presidential elections were held next Sunday, of the 80.2% of Romanians who have a clear voting option, 24.6% would choose Mircea Geoană (independent candidate), 15.1% would vote for Marcel Ciolacu (PSD), and 14.8% would vote for Diana Şoşoacă (from SOS Romania).

In the ranking follows Nicolae Ciucă (PNL), with 10.8%, Victor Ponta (Pro Romania), with 10.7% and George Simion (AUR), with 10.4%.

The ranking of voting options is completed by Cătălin Drula (from the USR party, the so-called Reformists), with 4.7%, Dacian Cioloş (REPER), with 4.1% and Kelemen Hunor (UDMR – Hungarian minority), with 3%. 1.7% of Romanians would choose another candidate.

Mircea Geoana is the famous loser in the 2009 Presidential Elections in Romania. He was announced as the winner at the exit polls, but until the morning, when votes were counted, he learnt he lost the elections by a solid margin to the right-wing candidate Traian Basescu. Fraud accusations were mentioned then, and Romanians believed that Geoana lost because of the political games and the Western powers’ interest in Romania, not because of the people’s votes. Therefore, there is the opinion that by voting for Geoana, you contribute to some moral repair for what happened in 2009.

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