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June 17, 2024
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L’Étape by Tour de France Circuit Arrives in Romania

Romania’s capital, Bucharest, will be hosting one of the most awaited cycling tours worldwide, L’Étape by Tour de France, in which 1,200 professional and amateur cyclists will participate.

According to Visit Bucharest, on August 28, the capital of Romania, known as Little Paris, will play host to one of the most well-known bicycle tours in the world. Romania is the 20th nation to sign up for the Tour de France’s L’Étape, and it has one of the race’s most challenging stages, The Race, with a total length of 85 km.

Photo source: L’Étape by Tour Facebook

The L’Étape by Tour de France concept is a brand of the Tour de France that aims to give pros and amateurs worldwide a taste of the world’s premier cycling tour by hosting competitions featuring Tour de France experts.

L’Étape Romania by Tour de France is the best experience any amateur cyclist can enjoy on his bike, without a doubt. You will enjoy a unique experience in an amazing route, a great Race Village atmosphere (start/finish area), in the heart of Bucharest, with relaxation zones and activities to be enjoyed after the race. As we want L’Étape to be accessible to every amateur cyclist, we offer routes for all abilities, starting from 14 km. The min. age required to participate is 10 years old (born before Aug 28, 2007) for the City Adventure competition and 15 years old (born before Aug 28, 2012) for the Ride and Race competitions.

L’Étape by Tour

The races will take place in Bucharest. Constitution Square will serve as the race’s starting point, passing by famous sites such as the Arc de Triomphe, Bucharest City Hall, the Palace of the Parliament, the Army House, the Romanian Athenaeum, and the C.E.C. Palace.

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