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October 4, 2023
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Bucharest, Cluj Enter Red Scenario

Bucharest and Cluj County entered the red scenario. Cluj County has more than 400 new cases a day. Authorities said the incidence rose from 2.85 per thousand on Sunday to 3.44 per thousand on Monday. Currently, Cluj County has the highest infection rate in the country.

During the red scenario, the access is limited to activities within restaurants to 30% of their capacity. Also, masks are mandatory in public and closed spaces.

Most cases of Covid were registered in Bucharest, around 700 a day. However, there is a decrease of 131 new infections compared to the previous day. Also, after Bucharest, most infections were reported in the counties of Cluj (440), Timiș (327), Constanța (318), and Suceava (233).

The list of cities that exceeded the incidence rate of 3 includes Rădăuţi (Suceava) – 5.49, Salcea (Suceava) – 5.17, Cluj-Napoca (Cluj) – 5.02, Predeal (Braşov) – 5.01.

More than 4,100 new cases of COVID have been reported across the country. Nationally, the incidence is 1.65 per thousand.

Wave 5 seems to take the authorities by surprise, again,, as the number of infections increases day by day. Thus, the red scenario could soon be installed in most counties.

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