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March 5, 2024
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Romanian South-Eastern Orthodox Church Celebrates Easter Again Because COVID-19 Pandemic

Romanian Archdiocese of Tomis (Constanta area, in Southeastern Romania, near Black Sea) decided to redo the Easter celebrations next week, on May 26.

The decision, which is unprecedented for the Romanian Orthodox Church, was justified by the worshipers’ desire to receive the Holy Light in a proper manner and to proper celebrate Jesus resurrection. As most of the countries world-wide, Romania was in lockdown during Easter celebration this year, in April, because of COVID-19 pandemic.

The Romanian Orthodox Church opposed such a decision, but its leaders let the Archdiocese to redo the Easter celebrations based on the autonomy of the regional archdioceses in Romania.

In Romania, more than 89% of the people say they are religious, which places the country on the 7th place in the world. Also, in Romania, 86% of the people are Orthodox and Orthodox Church has a great influence over Romanians.

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