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June 17, 2024
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Press Release

Romania’s Top SEO Agency

Award-winning SEO and digital marketing company TUYA Digital offers top-notch services. The staff is dedicated to customers, being enthusiastic about all they do. They are based in Bucharest, Romania, and they provide SEO and digital marketing solutions to clients worldwide. They help organizations by presenting a unique perspective: providing more clients to their clients—through specialized search engine optimization and online marketing services.

TUYA Digital has received recognition from independent market research platform Clutch for the success of one of its clients. According to their annual Leaders Awards, TUYA Digital is one of Romania’s top-performing companies offering excellent SEO services in 2024! They excel once more, as seen by their coveted Leaders Matrix as #1.

Being rated on Clutch is a responsibility and a benefit for TUYA Digital. When you have a high Clutch rank, clients expect a specific degree of performance from the team. This is why they constantly strive for improved outcomes whenever clients contact this digital and SEO marketing service.

Clutch has always been a primary referral source of traffic for us. Besides, Clutch is the primary lead generation source from referral traffic. This is why this award not only honours our efforts in marketing but also helps us get more positive exposure.

Anne-Marie MAITA, Growth Hacker at TUYA Digital

TUYA Digital is also in Europe’s Top 10 SEO Agencies in 2024 for its quality services. It was even recognized as a prominent firm on Visual Objects, a creative portfolio website for B2B suppliers.

We are always trying to exceed the expectations of our clients. And by saying that, I mean, we always try to bring more clients to our clients, apart from more organic traffic, better engagement on social media or a more creative approach to their web design.

Catalin ADAM, Digital Strategist at TUYA Digital

The TUYA Digital Team wants to use this time to express its gratitude to the clients who helped make this happen because it is a special moment for the company. The team also appreciates Clutch for allowing them to be an influential five-star leader.


TUYA Digital is an SEO & Digital Marketing agency from Bucharest, Romania. Established in 2010, TUYA Digital has constantly been striving to become one of the agencies recognized for its efficiency and creativity.

By working with TUYA Digital SEO & Digital Marketing specialists, you work with an agency recognized in the digital marketing industry for its efficiency and hack growth skills. On top of that, our digital expertise has been appreciated and rewarded with prizes won in digital marketing.

This section is powered by TUYA Digital – SEO & Digital Marketing agency.

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