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March 21, 2023
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Romanian Former Minister of Health: ‘I Was Asked for Resignation after Proposing COVID-19 Mass-Testing’

After one year from that political scandal, the truth comes out. In March 2020, the Romanian Minister of Health, Victor Costache, was dismissed from the Government by the then-PM, Ludovic Orban. At that moment, the reasons for his departure from the Government, as communicated by all the parties, were ‘personal issues‘.

On Monday night, Victor Costache offered the truth behind his departure from the Government:

I was asked for my resignation by Ludovic Orban and this is the moment to say and admit that, more than a year later. One of the reasons was the mass-testing and the fact that, by taking over this message and initiative from Mr. Adrian Streinu Cercel, with whom I collaborated very well and whom I respect, I was in a way accused of fraternizing with the Opposition, with PSD. I want to say that in medicine there is no Opposition, no Government. There is the interest for the patients and for the people.

Former Romanian Minister of Health, Victor Costache

Basically, even though the mass-testing was a good measure to be taken to prevent the pandemic from spreading, at that moment it was not agreed by the then-PM Ludovic Orban for the mere fact it had been initiated by the Opposition, PSD – Social Democratic Party. It is just an example of how political interests interfere with public interests.

Mass-testing in Romania started only in July, four months later, when the pandemic has already spread into the country.

So far, Ludovic Orban hasn’t offered any reaction to the Romanian mass media. We also have to mention that Ludovic Orban is the current head of the PNL – National Liberal Party and he is confronting the current Prime Minister Florin Citu in the party’s elections on September 25th. Political analysts offer very few chances for the current leader of the party to win a new mandate.

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