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March 3, 2024
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Romania to Be First European Country to Purchase Israel’s Iron Dome System

Romania could purchase the Iron Dome missile defence system from Israel following the Romanian Defense Minister’s trip to Israel.

According to Haaretz, Romania is highly interested in buying Israel’s radar and drones. However, Romanian Defense Minister Vasile Dincu declined to discuss the missile defence system or Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Since the Ukrainian-Russian war started, Romania has strongly invested in military equipment. From electronic warfare equipment (EUR 240 million), Israeli army drones (EUR 300 million), to Bayraktar military drones (EUR 306 million) and other types of equipment, of course foreign, to raise the Romanian army to NATO standards.

Iron Dome represents a valuable defensive tool for Israel in numerous battles against Gaza since it was added to its military arsenal in 2011. Each battery costs about EUR 153 million, and each interceptor missile is worth about EUR 52,000. Iron Dome was created by the Israeli Defense Ministry and defence contractors, although it now functions mainly as a joint US-Israeli effort. Israel contributed EUR 234 million to its development, whereas the United States contributed four times that amount through congressional appropriations. In other words, any sale of Iron Dome requires Washington’s approval.

Video Source: Wall Street Journal Youtube

If Romania and Israel agree to the Iron Dome contract, NATO member Romania will become the first European country to buy this radar system. However, according to the mentioned source, Romania has a high chance of concluding the contract with Israel.

Azerbaijan has also purchased Iron Dome, and the radar component has been purchased by several nations, including Singapore, Canada, South Korea, India, Finland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

Although it is known that in a context where national security may be in danger, it is good for the army to be equipped with modern equipment and high-calibre weapons, however, even though Romania needs to increase its defence budget, nobody knows where the funds to purchase these systems will come from. Unfortunately, like many other European countries, Romania is going through a difficult period in which inflation and foreign debt are rapidly increasing. Also, the Romanian authorities are advising citizens to reduce energy consumption. This is why things are not so simple when discussing military acquisitions in a context like this.

Photo source: Israel Defense Forces

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