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April 21, 2024
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Romania to Reduce Energy Waste in Solidarity with EU

Romania is willing to reduce the electricity to stop the waste of energy, following the UE recommendation.

According to Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca, recommendations for the European Commission to reduce energy use during peak hours will be discussed in the government meeting. The Ministry of Energy will then have a mandate for the discussion of EU ministers that will take place on September 9th.

According to a press release from the organization, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen announced five “protection measures for vulnerable consumers and businesses to help them adapt” to the “astronomical prices” of electricity and “market volatility”.

The first measure is a target to reduce electricity consumption during peak hours – “Smart Savings of Electricity.” The second measure is capping the income of enterprises producing low-cost energy. The third measure targets, in the same way, the “windfall” profits of fossil fuel companies.

The fourth measure is aimed at helping companies in the field of energy utilities to cope with the volatility of the markets, in the context in which they are asked for significant funds, which threatens their trading capacity and stability on the needs, by facilitating the “liquidity support of the EU member states” (“Liquidity Support by the Member States”), intended for energy enterprises. The fifth measure is capping Russian natural gas, with the clear objective of reducing Russia’s revenues.

Even if Romania has the necessary sources not to be in danger of running out of energy in the next period, the Romanian Government considers the European Union’s recommendations to save energy.
Indeed, rational energy consumption is indicated not only during an energy crisis, but the main reason here is to reduce the ”expenses”. The EU is going through a more than a difficult period, with a current energy crisis and a future economic one. But Romania should not resort to measures more suited to Ceausescu’s regime, in which electricity consumption was restricted but look for other possibilities through which the funds of the Romanian state could exceed this period.

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