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April 19, 2024
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Romania Prepares for Electronic Warfare

Romania is investing over EUR 240 million to purchase new electronic warfare equipment.

Electronic warfare (EW) has recently become a widely debated topic in the defence industry. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, EW has become a critical requirement for major military powers.

As mentioned by local publisher gazetabucurestilor, Romania has started procedures for acquiring new electronic warfare systems. To purchase electronic warfare equipment and the Scorpion portable electronic warfare system, the business Romtehnica issued no less than three tenders. In the second half of September, all three auctions will be finished. The portable electronic warfare system Scorpion was purchased with EUR 44 million from the Ministry of National Defense through the business Romtehnica.

Two Linx electronic warfare systems for H/V/UHF communications cost an additional EUR 106 million. Economic operators must demonstrate that they have sold at least one system worth EUR 53 million in the previous five years. On September 26, 2022, the bids will be launched at the Romtehnica corporate offices.

Additionally, Romtehnica plans to purchase three Argus V/UHF electronic warfare systems. They are worth an estimated EUR 91 million. According to the Ministry of National Defense’s firm, this procurement process will involve three to seven bidders.

What is the Electronic Warfare?

The phrase “invisible struggle that manifests itself in the electromagnetic environment” is referred to as “electronic warfare” or EW. This is a priority area and a form of permanent confrontation to achieve and maintain superiority in the electromagnetic spectrum. This type of war contributes substantially to the achievement of the surprise of the adversary by removing or temporarily neutralizing the adversary’s command, control, communications, computers and information (C4I) systems, favouring freedom of action in operation (battle).

Photo source: Romtehnica

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