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July 24, 2024
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Romanian DACIA plans selling electric models in two years

An interesting interview about Dacia’s future, taken by the journalists from Automotive News Europe, reveals that DACIA is planning to sell electric models in two-three years from now.

The news was delivered by Philippe Buros, the chairman of Renault Europe’s region, one of the executives to know better about Dacia’s future on the auto market.

The main reason for this delay is the technology amortization, as we found out from the interview:

The problem with the regulations is that you are adding 1,000 to 1,500 euros to the cost. When it’s a 100,000-euro car, it’s easier to absorb. When it’s one that costs 8,000 or 9,000, that is 10 percent or more. That is why there is a delay [in Dacia using Renault technology] and why we are trying to wait as long as possible to amortize the technology.

Dacia’s business model, as Philippe Buros says, is the “value-for-money” philosophy. If this is accomplished, than everything else is possible. Also, Dacia has to maintain its price 20% lower than the market. Else, the volume will go down as well and this will take down the profit.

The conclusion is that the Romanian Renault’s subsidiary, DACIA, will definitely produce e-vehicles, most probably using already tested Renault technology, but in no less than 2 years time. This will add some costs to the prices we are used to at this moment for each model, but this move will be definitely appreciated by those who want to drive an eco-friendly vehicle.

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