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June 2, 2020
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Romanian Businessman Tries To Infect Himself With COVID-19, Protests Against Lockdown Measures

65 years old Romanian businessman, Viorel Catarama, one of the famous Romanian entrepreneurs, declared he wanted to get infected with the novel coronavirus on purpose. His decision came, according to his statements, from his desperate desire of proving that the lockdown measures only destroyed the economy and did little good to population.

Following his resolution, he even embraced people in a village which was placed under quarantine, hoping he’ll got infected. Al he wants to prove is that people can recover from this and that the economy could’ve been saved with proper measures. Now, the authorities are investigating his behavior and are about to charge him with criminal accusations.

There is a strong opinion in Romania at the moment that the Romanian Government shouldn’t have destroyed the economy by attempting to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Mostly, this opinion comes from the entrepreneurs who saw their businesses collapse in just 2 months. Some say Romania had to approach the Swedish model in fighting COVID-19 pandemic.

At present, in Romania there are 900,000 people on technical unemployment (they receive 75% of their salaries) and 300,000 people who lost their jobs completely. Apart from that, the Romanian industrial production plunge to new records and the exports declined with 10%. Meanwhile, the Government has no proper plans in re-starting the economy. On top of that, the Romanian president claims the economy doesn’t need a restart, as it has never been stopped.

The lockdown measures proved not so efficient, as Romania is close to 1,000 deaths because of the novel coronavirus. This is why, in Romania, the governing party lost 13% since the beginning of the pandemic and continue to lose the trust of the population.

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