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October 1, 2023
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Romania Ranks Last in EU in Public Service Digitalization

Romania ranks last in the European Union for public digital services and 26th out of 27 for human capital.

The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI 2022), which analyzes advancements in the digital sector in EU member states, was released by the European Commission. Romania is ranked 27th in the DESI hierarchy of the EU member states. As can be observed, its yearly growth is comparatively lower than comparable nations, suggesting a lack of convergence.

Romania trails behind the EU States in digital progress, and it continues to face difficulties in its digital public service, despite the opportunities. Romania doesn’t also excel in social media, not even with private companies, because only 36% of Romanian companies use social media.

Although Romania has the fastest internet in Europe and 3rd place in Momondo’s best countries for remote work in 2022, it is strange that it has not yet evolved in digitizing public services.

Public service digitalization would represent a significant evolution in Romania, a country used to putting everything on paper or in the well-known folder with rails. The time in public institutions could be managed much more advantageously, and it would also create the opportunity for new jobs.

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