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March 4, 2024
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Only 36% of Romanian Companies Use Social Media

According to Eurostat data, Romanian companies are in the last place in the EU in using social media platforms.

Businesses use social media and in 2022 this might sound like a redundant statement. However, Romanian companies rank worst in the EU in this category, with only 36% claiming to use at least one form of social media.

The countries where companies are utilizing social media the most are Malta (84%), followed by Sweden (80%), the Netherlands (80%), and Finlands (79%). Companies in Eastern Europe seem to have a lower percentage of using social media platforms. In countries like Slovakia (39%), Bulgaria(39%) and Romania (36%), social media platforms are not very popular among companies.

The statistics results are rather odd because Romanian consumers use online platforms on a daily basis. Social media is an accessible way to promote any kind of business and is practically among the most popular forms of advertisement globally. Nowadays, in order to be known as a company or to sell your product or service, your presence on social media is critical and essential. The problem in Romania is that many companies are unaware of the social media impact and still rely on old advertising methods. This is definitely a big challenge when it comes to position yourself on the international markets.

Emma Hermeneanu, TUYA Digital social media manager

Compared to 2015, 59% of EU businesses reported using at least one sort of social media in 2021, an increase of 22%. Still, Belgium and France saw the most significant gains (each by 31%), followed by Latvia (30%) and Finland (29%). Regarding Romania, the percentage of businesses using social media climbed from 25% in 2015 to 36% in 2021.

According to Eurostat data, social networks—including Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, and others—are more widely used than any other kind of social media platform. Approximately 56% of EU businesses utilize social networks to interact with customers by building profiles, exchanging stories, expressing opinions, exchanging information, and creating communities centred around firm brands composed of people with similar interests.

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