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April 21, 2024
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Ivan Patzaichin Legacy: Romanian Catalin Chirila Wins European Gold Medal in Men’s Canoe Single 1,000 M in Munich

Catalin Chirila is one of the legacies that Ivan Patzaichin, the legend of the Romanian canoe, offered to the world. After winning the world title in Canada, in men’s canoe single 1,000 m, Catalin Chirila also won the European title in the same event.

On Saturday, August 20, Catalin Chirila finished first in the 1,000 canoe race, with 3:49.681, ahead of Czech athlete Martin Fuksa (3:50.032) and the Italian Carlo Tacchini (3:51.637).

‘I thought about Mr. Ivan Patzaichin’

Catalin Chirila admitted his idol, Ivan Patzaichin, who passed away last year, was present in his thoughts during the race.

It was a very tough race. Harder than I expected. The first part I controlled the race, and the finish was very difficult. I wanted to beat Martin Fuksa again, a legend in canoeing. On the podium, when I went up, I thought of Mr. Ivan. The medal is dedicated to his memory.

Catalin Chirila after the canoe men’s single 1,000 race

Even though it is not his favourite race, on Sunday, Catalin won bronze in the men’s single 500. It is another proof that the legacy of Ivan Patzaichin is valuable and that Romania still has much to offer in this sport.

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