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February 23, 2024
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Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants Win Contract for Air Quality Plan in Bucharest

Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants and three other companies are the winners for developing an integrated Air Quality Plan in Bucharest. Romania’s capital is one of the most polluted European cities, and the winning consortium is coming to save the residents’ days.

The news was delivered by Bucharest Mayor on Facebook. He didn’t say which are the other three companies apart from Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants.

The pollution in Bucharest comes from various sources, but the authorities cannot always identify them. The residents think it’s mainly because of the cars. A million of them, to be precise. But specialists showed that the air quality in Bucharest is also negatively influenced by a widely spread practice among the residents in villages around Bucharest. They used to burn rubber tires and cables to extract copper or other metal from the scrapes. These illegal burns are the ones that pollute a lot.

This week Bucharest City Hall signed the 12-month contract to identify the pollutants and the measures to be implemented. The value of the contract is around 350,000 EUR.

According to the City Mayor, Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants implemented the same Air Quality Integrated Plans for London and Dublin.

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