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March 3, 2024
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Romanian Environment Protection Authorities Unable to Identify the Source of Pollution in Bucharest

Almost every week, Bucharest, Romanian capital city, is shrouded in a toxic smell, a stench with which Bucharest city dwellers have tried to get used to during the last years.

The Romanian Environment Protection Agency – Garda de Mediu seems unable to identify the source of pollution in Bucharest. Yet, the stench is not an invention of the citizens – the level of pollution in Bucharest is measured by independent sensor networks which measures the quantity of toxic substances in the air.

Bucharest is one of the most polluted cities in Europe and this is not only because of the traffic, but because of the unauthorized waste storage and illegal waste disposal. Little by little, Bucharest and its surroundings becomes Romania’s dump, filled with illegal waste and poisoning its inhabitants with toxic smells.

Right before writing this article, Garda de Mediu communicated it has a potential culprit for the pollution in Bucharest in the recent days: a foundry, which (how else) was found closed, but which had been fined before.

In Romania, environment authorities pretend to control, while the waste management operators pretend to respect the legislation. Meanwhile, the Bucharest city dwellers poison their bodies with each breath.

Even when we publish this article, the air quality in Bucharest is very low, as we can see on a dedicated app. Nothing more to be proved here.

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