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June 16, 2021
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Bucharest Opens Restaurants, Theaters as Infection Rate Drops

Bucharest opens its restaurants and theaters once again after the infection rate dropped below 3 per thousand inhabitants during the last 14 days.

The measure was taken by the local authorities and is applicable starting from Monday, May 3rd. Bucharest restaurants and theaters are allowed to open their doors to the clients, but only up to 30% of the capacity.

The authorities promise to relax the pandemic prevention measures, even more, when the infection rate drops below 1.5 per thousand inhabitants. This is expected to happen in a few weeks, up to June 1st.

The vaccination campaign is to take the credit here, as in Bucharest the vaccination rate is going up towards an incredible 30%. This was possible with the help of the drive-through and mobile vaccination centers placed in Bucharest, but also in other Romanian cities across the country.

The Romanian PM, Mr. Florin Citu, promised the big relaxation in Romania will start on June 1, when the authorities hope for 5 million Romanians to have already taken the shot. Yet, it won’t be total relaxation, but more as a milestone for getting back to normality, as the Romanian president made it clear.

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