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March 4, 2024
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EUR 650 M Allotted to Reforestation in Romania

Romanian forests are no longer a national subject, as they have long become an international one. Unfortunately, they became a subject only after they began being cut down on an industrial scale. Also, Romania is the only European country where forest rangers are killed by the illegal loggers. Only in the last few years 6 forest rangers were killed and more than 600 were attacked, injured or threatened, according to the unions.

One by one, world-wide famous public figures, organizations and journalists stood up for protecting the Romanian forests.

In December last year, Belgian publication MO – Mondiaal Nieuws dedicated a reportage to this persistent and yet unsolved problem of illegal logging in Romanian forests. The journalist said it clearly: „Efforts against global warming will be pointless if we cut down Romanian primeval forests”.

This year in March, Greta Thunberg sent a message to the Romanian people: Stand together against illegal logging! Later, in July, the European Commission warned Romania in the infringement package, to combat illegal logging.

Also this year, in August, WWF asked Romanian president not to promulgate the forestry code.

Along others, Prince Charles of Great Britain was featured in documentaries, some realized by the famous Romania lover traveler and presenter Charlie Ottley, such as Wild Carpathia, and asked Romanians to protect their heritage, including the primeval forests.

The reply from the Romanian Government came later, but it’s still better than never. Romanian designated PM presented a governing program which allots EUR 650 M to afforestation in the next 4 years. According to this plan, 220 million saplings will be planted up to 2024.

The efforts of the Romanian authorities are significant, yet significant are also the efforts of the illegal loggers. Romania loses 3 hectares of forest an hour, according to unofficial estimations, and this has to stop. So, unless the authorities also plan to drastically fight the illegal logging, the saplings would be planted almost in vain.

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