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July 16, 2024
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Ukraine to Sanction Romanian Senator, Considers Her a Threat to State Security

Ukraine considers Romanian Senator Diana Sosoaca a threat to Ukrainian state security. This is the gist of the message posted on Facebook by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Oleg Nikolenko.

Spokesperson of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Oleg Nikolenko, Spokesperson of Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Media: Romanian Senator Diana Sosoaca has submitted a bill proposing for the southern region of Ukraine to join Romania. In this step, the marginal politician tries to “restore the cultural identity of the Romanian population.” This a classic example of the Russian revanchism method. We strongly condemn the attempt to question the territorial integrity of Ukraine to undermine the spirit of a good neighbourhood between Ukraine and Romania. The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine initiates sanctions on Diana Sosoaca as a person who threatens national security.

Oleg Nikolenko, spokesperson of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This message comes after the Romanian senator initiated a law denouncing the treaty between Romania and Ukraine to get back the former Romanian territories from Ukraine.

The Romanian senator replied immediately and called the Ukrainian state “a nazi one”.

Romanian Senator Diana Sosoaca
Romanian Senator Diana Sosoaca

Through this vile attack on me, Ukraine proves its character as an abusive and fascist state. Through this threat that Ukraine makes to me, I become in solidarity with the Romanian minority in Ukraine, which Kyiv treats as a threat to the Ukrainian state, which is why it is systematically and programmatically abolished in the process of ethnic cleansing and forced Ukrainization reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
How can Ukraine afford to threaten a senator of the Romanian state for a legislative proposal? Since when does Ukraine decide what happens in the Romanian Parliament? Is Romania a state occupied by Ukraine, and we didn’t find out? Ukraine is indeed the occupier of some Romanian territories that I am fighting to return to the motherland’s bosom, but when does Kyiv have the right to veto Romania’s politics?
This threat to Ukraine shows this state’s intention to eliminate those who oppose Kyiv’s Nazi policies physically. By the statement of the Ukrainian MFA, it is clear that we have become the number one target of Ukrainian criminals. But this only confirms the justice of my legislative proposal to return the territories abusively owned by Ukraine to Romania!

Romanian Senator Diana Sosoaca on the announcement of her sanctioning by Ukraine

Also, Diana Sosoaca reminded the Ukrainian officials about a resolution of the United States issued in 1991, adopted by the American Senate, which supports the people’s right to self-determination in the Republic of Moldova and Northern Bukovina.

I also remind the Ukrainian MFA that my legislative provision is based on US Senate Resolution no. 148, of June 11, 1991, adopted by the American Senate, which clearly states “the conviction of the Senate that the United States must support the right to self-determination of the people of the Republic of Moldova and Northern Bucovina”. Is the US Senate also a threat to Ukraine’s national security? Also, my legislative proposal is based on the Declaration adopted on November 28, 1991, by the Parliament of Romania regarding the Referendum in Ukraine and published in the Official Gazette of Romania, which states that the referendum in Ukraine of December 1, 1991, “cannot be valid concerning the territories Romanian territories abusively annexed by the former U.S.S.R., territories that never belonged to Ukraine and belong to Romania by right”. So, is the Romanian Parliament a threat to Ukraine’s national security?

Diana Sosoaca Romanian Senator

There is no official position of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the intention of sanctioning a Romanian Senator for initiating a law.

As mentioned in our previous post, the law has close to zero chances of being adopted in Parliament. Yet, all this is a diplomacy lesson for all the novices, and in our opinion, no reaction from the Ukrainian MFA would have been the proper way to handle a law initiative of this sort. Now, as the Ukrainian officials reacted, the initiative got a new dimension, and things could escalate beyond initial expectations.

Also, the Ukrainian official makes a tiny mistake in his message. When naming the Romanian politician “a marginal one”, Nikolenko contradicts the measures announced. If the politician is marginal, you don’t sanction her. You don’t even pay attention to what she initiates. Or, if you sanction her, she’s not as marginal as you intend the public to think. Either way, Ukraine’s announcement offers her a significant position, and the Romanian politician will use this conflict as a new opportunity to promote herself and her ideas. Who wins?

The tensions between Romania and Ukraine are growing following the Bystroye Canal scandal, especially after Ukraine refused the Romanian ships to enter its territory to measure the extension of the dredging works conducted without the knowledge of the Romanian public. This new incident is only putting gas on the fire.

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