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June 16, 2024
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Syrian Citizen Tries to Set Fire to Israeli Embassy in Bucharest

According to the local reports, a 34-year-old Syrian citizen tried to set himself on fire at the entrance to the building where the Israeli Embassy to Romania is situated in Bucharest. The incident occurred on Monday, June 3rd, around noon. The fire was immediately extinguished by the anti-terrorism forces guarding the building 24/7.

The special forces guarding the building captured the attacker, and he was taken into the Romanian Intelligence Agency and Police custody, where he is now under investigation. Also, the Bucharest Gendarmerie is securing the premises to prevent similar attempts.

This is the first significant incident in Romania against the Israeli Embassy. Yet, it is not the first incident of this kind. On April 6, 2022, a car crashed into the gates of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest at around 6 AM local time. The driver, a Romanian, arrived near the embassy and was stopped by the Gendarmerie, who guard the diplomatic objectives 24/7. The driver shouted at the security forces and set himself on fire inside the car.

There are increased tensions against the Israeli state following the retaliation in the Gaza Strip after the November attacks. This is why security forces in Romania and worldwide are on 24/7 alert to prevent such incidents.

So far, there is no additional news regarding the identity or background of the Syrian attacker.

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