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March 21, 2023
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Car Crashes into Gates of Russian Embassy in Bucharest

A car crashed into the gates at Russian Embassy in Bucharest at around 6 AM, local time, on Wednesday morning. The vehicle is registered in Bucharest, and the driver, a man, is Romanian.

According to sources, the driver arrived near the embassy, and he was stopped by the Gendarmerie, who guard the diplomatic objectives 24/7. The driver shouted at the security forces and put himself on fire inside the car.

Car crashes into the gates of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest. Video source: Facebook

Allegedly, an explosion followed his gesture, and the car caught fire. The firefighters rushed to the scene and put the fire off.

According to police sources, the driver died following the incident.

In the meantime, Bucharest’s police department notified through a public release that around 6 AM on April 6, an event was reported in which a car was involved, which left the road and hit the fence of a diplomatic mission. The driver died, and it took the intervention of fellow firefighters to put out the fire in the car. Road restrictions were imposed on Kiseleff Road for on-site research. The investigations were taken over by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Tribunal and the Murder Service of the Capital Police to establish the causes and conditions in which this event took place.

Who was the man that died at the Russian Embassy gates?

The driver’s identity was established after investigations. According to sources, the man is Bogdan Draghici, the president of the TATA association, who campaigned for the rights of fathers in Romania. Draghici was detained by prosecutors and remanded in custody for several months in 2019 in a rape case against minors.

It is reported that Bogdan Draghici committed suicide after being sentenced on April 5 for child abuse. The District 2 Court sentenced him to 15 years and four months in prison.

Being under judicial control, Bogdan Gheorghe Draghici was banned from leaving the country until May 26, 2022. In the last post on Facebook, Bogdan Draghici empathized with Ukraine’s problematic situation, writing: “I am Ukrainian too! Put an end to the horrible war, which threatens to kill humankind! “

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