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May 30, 2024
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Russia’s Foreign Ministry Warns Moldova for Accepting Military Assistance from NATO

Russia proves that it observes what happens in the countries neighbouring the conflict region. After Valeri Gerasimov mentioned Romania and Poland among the leading weapon suppliers to Ukraine, it is now the Republic of Moldova that triggered Moscow’s attention.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Mikhail Galuzin, diplomatically warned the Republic of Moldova for the close ties it has developed with NATO:

As experience shows, the reckless pumping of a country with Western weapons does not add to its security and sovereignty but, on the contrary, brings it closer to catastrophe.

I would like to once again express doubt that such ‘assistance’ from the West, which looks more like the development of the territory, is carried out in the interests of Moldova itself

Mikhail Galuzin for RIA Novosti

Moldova, the small former soviet republic, experiences the proximity to the conflict very differently and the risks involved if Russia decides to invade its territory through Transnistria, the separatist enclave. This is why the diplomatic reply came very fast from the spokesperson of the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Daniel Voda the spokesperson of the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Daniel Voda, Source: Facebook

Our country is a peaceful and neutral state. Neutrality does not mean self-isolation, demilitarization, or indifference to what is happening in the world.
We are interested in strengthening our resilience, including through NATO, the strongest political-military alliance in the world. In the international arena, we live in a difficult region, affected by Russia’s brutal aggression against Ukraine, which has dramatic consequences for our country. We need all the solidarity of our friends to overcome the multiple hybrid challenges we face.
We are a free country, and it is our decision how to develop our country.

Daniel Voda, the spokesperson of the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Facebook

One thing is certain, beyond any diplomatic games: the Republic of Moldova cannot defend its own territory in case of a Russian invasion. So, despite its neutrality, the small country is more than entitled to seek military assistance from the West.

Mircea Geoana, Romanian politician and current NATO's Deputy Secretary General
Mircea Geoana

NATO’s Deputy Secretary General, Mircea Geoana, offered a clear picture of how the situation is viewed from NATO’s perspective:

NATO will continue to help the Republic of Moldova increase its resistance in the face of increasing pressure from Russia.

The Republic of Moldova is a very important partner of NATO. NATO takes Moldova’s requests for additional support to strengthen national security very seriously. (…) There is a strong cooperation between us, which is strengthened even more in these difficult times

Mircea Geoana, NATO Deputy Secretary General, in December 2022 in Chisinau

Romania is the best neighbour Moldova has and the two sister countries, speaking the same language and sharing the same tumultuous past, seem closer than ever after they were separated. Romania is helping Moldova go through the harsh winter after Russia stopped gas deliveries through Ukraine, but it also lobbies for Moldova to be protected in case of any aggression. Romania’s NATO membership allows the EU country to press the right buttons for Moldova to get the necessary security assurance during this difficult period.

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