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November 28, 2023
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Romania Ranked First among European Countries at International Physics Olympiad in Japan

The elites of this generation of Romanian students make history at the international olympiads. Romania ranked first among all the European countries at the International Physics Olympiad in Japan. At the same time, the Romanian delegation ranked third worldwide, after China and South Korea, which took the first position, and the USA, which came in second.

The Romanian students come home with five gold and two silver medals.

Romania’s team, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Delia Davidescu, Bucharest International Theoretical High School of Informatics, and univ. Dr. Popescu Sebastian-Dumitru, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iași, consists of:
👉 Momoiu Alexandru, International Theoretical High School of Informatics Bucharest, 11th grade, gold medal, 7th position in the general ranking
👉 Oros Vlad Ștefan, “Grigore Moisil” Theoretical High School Timișoara, 12th grade, gold medal
👉 Dragomir Darius Andrei, Bucharest International Theoretical High School of Informatics, 11th grade, gold medal
👉 Mirică Ioan Alexandru, Bucharest International Theoretical High School of Informatics, 11th grade, silver medal
👉 Tudose Rareș Felix, Bucharest International Theoretical High School of Informatics, 10th grade, silver medal
Observing teachers: Victor Păunescu, Mircea Vulcănescu Technological High School Bucharest, and Golcea Sandu Mirel, C. D. Loga National College, Timișoara.

This performance came right after the Mathematics team won first place among the European nations and fourth in the world. This happened last week at the Mathematical Olympiad in Japan.

Such events add to Romania’s soft power and increase Romanian citizens’ pride when thinking about the motherland. On the other hand, in a country where only half the Romanian school kids pass the baccalaureate from the pupils registered in schools in the first grade, these performances mean almost nothing.

A country where casinos are more than schools and pharmacies combined has tremendous work to be done ahead. Despite the pharaonic project of the current President, a project called “Educated Romania”, there is little chance of the current or future generations getting wicked smart overnight.

There are the elites and the rest. This is the tragedy in Romania.

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