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April 19, 2024
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Educated Romania: More Casinos than Pharmacies and Schools Combined

The pharaonic project with which the current President boasts, Educated Romania, has just started. Though announced when Klaus Johannis ran for presidency nine years ago, the project has been delayed. Meanwhile, less than half of Romanian kids who started school 12 years ago pass the Baccalaureate exam, which proves that Educated Romania is nothing more than words.

A thorough analysis of e-Context.ro shows that there are more casinos than pharmacies and schools combined in Romania! This is because there are more than 15,000 brick-and-mortar casinos and gambling houses, while there are only 7,000 schools and 8,000 pharmacies. Not even that, but in Romania, there are only 4,000 brick-and-mortar banking units.

Does the name Andrew Tate ring a bell? Tate brothers accumulated their fortune in Romania primarily by becoming franchisors of one of the famous casino chains. One should go to either Vegas or Bucharest to succeed in the casino industry, and the Tates chose Bucharest casinos.

Is it anything wrong with playing games in casinos? Not at all! On the contrary, in Romania, there is an even more developed market for online casinos, which makes the industry even more prominent. But all the players should understand that playing responsibly is a must when having fun playing. When you play your last dimes in casinos, there is a huge problem.

Casinos, exactly like gambling houses, are heavily regulated in Romania. Licenses cost a lot, and the Government decided to increase the license costs even more. Even so, there is one brick-and-mortar casino for every 400 Romanian men, which makes the country one of the casinos heaven in the world.

Does the failed educational system in Romania have any chance of recovery? Not when there are more casinos than schools. Still, there is hope here – exceptional kids bring home gold medals from the international olympiads, and the latest results at the Mathematical Olympiad in Japan show Romania has potential: the country is the first in Europe for mathematics and the fourth in the world.

Yet, all the intelligent brains immigrate to the West or the States, where they have plenty of opportunities. This brain drain will continue as long as the Romanian state will not be concerned about how to offer more to all these exceptional kids.

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