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March 23, 2023
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Top Most Profitable Romanian Brands

For those interested in which ones are the most profitable Romanian brands, we compiled this top featuring the most profitable Romanian brands. Some companies succeeded because there were impressive changes in the market and impressive progress in the companies’ activity after the pandemic.

When it comes to profitability, one should not confuse it with value. This is why, whenever you are interested in the brand’s image rather than its profitability, please check this top of the most valuable Romanian brands together with the top of the healthiest brands at international level, compiled by SeeNews.

Trustworthy and certified websites and businesses usually rank first or on the first few results pages, as such, the top was assorted with the help of the most prominent Brand Directory for Romania. This is an annual reliable, and certified brand value ranking engine. Also, we checked the information provided by the Ministry of Finance for each company.

Some companies are most profitable than others. But let’s see which one to invest in first.

The methodology for compiling this top

  • We checked the search results on Google: “Romanian Brands.” This is the first step when checking the performance of any top brands – if the companies are successful in ranking higher in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions), then it’s more likely to rank for reviews and analytics insights in the field of business, brands, and economy.
  • We checked the leading generation directories that base their ranking on companies’ reviews, such as Brand Directory. If the companies were appreciated by multiple users that specify top valuable or top profitable Romanian brands and other various news-worthy updates, it means that the accuracy and reliability of the top in the specified category increases. Moreover, this helped with the general checking of whether the brands are present in other tops or lead generation platforms, indicating that both the public and professional eye previously appreciated them hence the brand listing being trustworthy.
  • We checked the awards, the news updates, and the certifications won by the Romanian brands chosen. If they previously received multiple awards and certifications or have business news-flash record breakings, it is a sign of appreciation from the experts in the industry.

Top Most Profitable Romanian Brands 2022

1. Hidroelectrica

Source: Hidroelectrica Facebook Page

In Romania, Hidroelectrica is the top producer of electricity and the main supplier of the technical services needed for the National Energy System. The company become a significant economic participant as a result, particularly in these challenging times for the market.

The Romanian energy producer is the most successful and profitable business in the whole of Central and South-Eastern Europe. Hidroelectrica reached a total net profit of more than 600 million euros in 2021.

2. OMV Petrom

Source: OMV Petrom website

Even if the oil and gas giant left room for others to lead the tops, it is still one of the most potent Romanian brands with one of the most vast and profitable activity at an international level. The brand experiences solid and constant profit flow, with a revenue growth of approximately EUR 55 M in the past year, and a total net profit of more than 500 million euros.

3. Dacia

Source: Dacia

As the best-selling car in Europe in 2022, Dacia remains one of the best Romanian products to be exported elsewhere. Recently, Dacia has reached 10,000,000 units produced and celebrated its achievement with style.

Dacia encountered a more than EUR 300M loss from EUR 1,335, falling in third place. Despite that, Dacia is still one of the most purchased European Automobile brands, with 17 brand rankings.

4. Romgaz S.A.

Source: Romgaz Facebook

Romgaz is the largest producer of natural gas in Romania. The company reached a total net profit of almost 400 million euros in 2021 and maintained a steady position at the top. Moreover, the company is also a great source of employment for the country, represented by more than 6000 employees.

5. Dedeman

Source: Dedeman Facebook

Dedeman, an industry leader, built only with Romanian capital, experienced a 24% increase in gross revenue from 2021, a bit over EUR 100M. The brand managed to increase the retail sector, together with one of its biggest market competitors, Altex, which experienced an increase of 31%.

After the pandemic, the two brands propelled the retail sector as one of the most profitable fields in the Romanian market.

6. Emag

Source: Emag Facebook

Emag is the biggest e-commerce retailer in Romania. E-commerce increased in popularity after the pandemic, and it helped push the so-called Romanian Amazon up in the top three.

The brand increased 29% in the past year, reaching a gross revenue of almost EUR 1,027M, becoming one of the most profitable Romanian brands. E-mag has recently expanded to other Eastern-European markets and opened warehouses in Hungary and later in Bulgaria.

7. Banca Transilvania

Source: Banca Transilvania Facebook

Bank Transilvania is one of the most powerful and profitable Romanian brands. The brand experienced revenue growth of EUR 20M and 14 brand rankings, being evaluated as one of the world’s leading banking brands.

8. Digi – RCS & RDS

Source: Digi Facebook page

Digi experienced revenue growth of almost EUR 30M in the past year, reaching a total revenue of EUR 377M. The brand has 12 previous rankings and is among the leading Telecoms brands internationally.

9. Electrica Furnizare S.A.

Source: Electrica Furnizare website

Electrica Furnizare SA is a member of the Electrica Group and has more than 120 years of experience in the energy industry. Since 2014, the brand has been successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Since the pandemic, the business has kept growing, entering the top Romanian brands with total revenue of EUR 236M.

10. Catena

Source: Catena Facebook

Catena experienced revenue growth with a total of EUR 162M, entering for the first time in the most profitable Romanian brands top, with the Pharma industry.

As seen, the business landscape keeps changing regarding top brands regarding profitability, value, and economic power. One thing is clear, the pandemic was a major influencing factor in the positioning and laddering of brands in the Romanian market, with retail and banking brands at the top and most profitable.

If you want to invest in Romania, this top might inspire you. For more companies to invest in, we recommend you check the Bucharest Stock Exchange, where you might find some exciting listings that were very profitable in the last year. Who knows which one could reach our top in the following period?

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