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February 3, 2023
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Dacia Reaches 10,000,000 Units Produced

According to Dacia, Wednesday’s production of a Dacia Duster SL Extreme urban grey vehicle was the ten-millionth Dacia vehicle. The Dacia collection has added the anniversary vehicle to its general assembly line at the Mioveni Vehicle Plant.

The Mioveni Plant produced the first Dacia vehicle on August 20, 1968. This was due to Renault’s co-operation that began in 1966. In 1966, the Renault 8 license was granted.

The Dacia 1,300 was first produced under a Renault 12 license in 1969. This model was made for 35 years, and it gave birth to a whole range of vehicles (station wagons and sports cars and vans) which shaped the automotive landscape in Romania during the last decade of the 20th Century.

Dacia Nova was the name given to a new generation model, fully developed and designed in Romania in 1995. It was the first new automobile of the Dacia plant to be produced in the country after the Romanian Revolution.

The Renault Group took over the Mioveni plant in 1999. This marked a new chapter for Dacia. With the release of the Logan model in 2004, the Romanian brand became a manufacturer with international appeal.

The production of the Dacia Logan model was started in 2005 at the Somaca Plant, Casablanca, Morocco. Its production capacity was then expanded to include a plant at Tangier in Morocco in 2012 and a plant at Oran, Algeria, in 2016. A plant in China’s Shyian began manufacturing the Dacia Spring model, the first electric car.

Six model families have succeeded one another in the 54 years since creating the first Dacia car. The Sandero model, which included the Sandero Stepway produced in Mioveni, Tangier, and Casablanca, is the most successful Dacia model. It has been the best-selling Dacia car for individuals since 2017. According to a Dacia press release, the Duster model, exclusively manufactured at the Mioveni plant, is the best-selling SUV for the same customer in Europe.”

Since the company’s set up, the top three most-produced Dacia models are Sandero / Sandero Stepway (2.65 million units), Dacia 1,300/1.310 and related (2.3 million units), and Duster (2.01 million units).

There are 44 Dacia dealers on four continents. The vast majority of Dacia’s sales are in Europe. France, Germany, and Italy are the major markets.

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