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June 22, 2024
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Dacia Spring Leader on Romanian EV Market

Although new car registrations declined in Romania in the first two months, electric car registrations soared by 250%, and Dacia Spring is positioned at the top of the ranking.

In 2021, the “green” ones performed well despite a general decline in car purchases. Compared to last year’s same period, acquisitions in this category nearly doubled (+ 84.9 %) in 2022. The surge in 100 % electric automobiles (+ 250.5 %) and plug-in hybrid cars (+ 179.5 %) is remarkable in this perspective.

The evolution at the top of the ranking is worth noting in the first two months of 2022, where the top five best-selling 100% electric cars are Dacia Spring, with 315 units, model launched in 2021, Tesla Model 3, 96 units, an increase of 23 times compared to the same period the previous year, Hyundai Kona with 88 units, an increase of 450 %, Volkswagen ID3 with 65 units, an increase of 140.7 %, and Volkswagen e-UP, 54 units, a decrease of -6.9%.

In terms of plug-in automobiles, the top five models are Ford Kuga (58 units, up 544.4%), Hyundai Tucson (47 units, up 235.7%), Mercedes Benz GLE (also 47 units, up 235.7 %), Mercedes Benz GLC (41 units, up 173.3%), and Volvo XC60 (32 units, up 146.2%).

Regarding the increasing sale of the Dacia Spring model, the company has brought many attributes to the new Dacia car, and Romanians seem to appreciate the evolution. Dacia Spring distinguishes out thanks to its sporty design and all-electric powertrain. This car possesses all of the Dacia brand’s characteristics for increased daily dependability.

On the other hand, Dacia Spring fails the NCAP test, getting only a 1-star rating. This means that all those who drive it are more likely to be hurt in a car accident, disregarding the direction of the impact. Dacia Spring fails at the front, rear and lateral impact with the same “success”.

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Andrew March 31, 2022 at 3:03 pm

I’m from Ukraine and I really want this car. Can you sell me one?


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