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July 16, 2024
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Dacia Spring Fails Euro NCAP Test, Receives 1-Star Rating

Dacia Spring, the first electric vehicle from Dacia, raised significant interest among the brand fans. With a price of only EUR 16,800, VAT included, Dacia Spring seemed to be a perfect choice for those who wanted to make the transition from gas or diesel to EV.

It seemed. It doesn’t seem any longer. This spring, Dacia Logan disappointed Dacia fans with only two stars’ safety in the crash test; now, Dacia Spring comes with the worst performance ever for a Dacia model: 1 star in crash tests.

Dacia Spring receives 1 star at EURO NCAP test

Dacia Spring 1 star at Euro NCAP safety test
Dacia Spring Euro NCAP results from 2021

This is something that Dacia fans wouldn’t like. But who could’ve predicted that? Let’s see…maybe the fact that Dacia Spring is entirely produced in China, not in Romania or Europe? Or perhaps the failure of Dacia Logan, which received only two stars at the same EURO NCAP tests this spring? Or maybe the fact that the same rating was offered to Dacia Sandero Stepway? Or the fact that electric vehicles are not yet ready to ensure the safety of the occupants?

Let’s see all the fails that led to this unfortunate result of Dacia Spring at the EURO NCAP test:

Frontal impact: 6.1 from 16 points

Dacia spring frontal impact results at Euro NCAP test

With only 6.1 points from 16 possible, Dacia Spring miserably fails the frontal impact test. Moreover, the driver would suffer the most significant injuries in such circumstances, meaning the protection offered by Dacia Spring to the driver is the lowest possible.

Lateral impact: 10.6 from 16 points

Dacia Spring lateral impact result at Euro NCAP

The lateral impact would cause injuries to the occupants of the vehicle’s rear seats, as shown by the Euro NCAP tests. Dacia Spring scored 10.6 of 16 points here.

Rear impact and Rescue & Extrication

Dacia Spring - Rear Impact, Rescue & Extrication

Again, in case of a rear impact, the occupants of the rear seats are the ones to suffer serious injuries.

Is DACIA able to ensure the safety of the driver and occupants in its cars?

It seems not. After all, Dacia Spring proves only one thing: it cannot offer protection to the occupants situated closest to the impact.

With only 1 or 2 stars at the Euro NCAP tests, the models from DACIA seem like four-wheel coffins to us rather than modern, reliable vehicles.

The volume of sales in Europe doesn’t have to trick anybody into believing that DACIA cares about ensuring the safety of the buyers of its models. People buy DACIA for one reason only: the pricing of the vehicles. And, as we can see, when it comes to safety, DACIA is far away from what Renault Laguna, the famous brand of the mother-company, succeeded to do in Euro NCAP tests: the first 5-star car ever for occupant protection, in June 2001. Twenty years later, the very same company, Renault, and its subsidiary company, DACIA, produce miserably failing cars at crash tests.

What else to conclude? After these results, it is highly possible for those who want to buy a Dacia Spring to reconsider their initial decision and head for a gas or diesel car. These score more points in crash tests, let alone proved more reliable over the years.

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