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March 30, 2020
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Coronavirus Fear Made Romanians Behave Irrationally

Romania is one of the European countries which are still Coronavirus free. No patient was diagnosed with Coronavirus on the Romanian territory. Yet.

Romanian authorities are ready to fight Coronavirus, or at least these were the official announcements made by the representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior.

What concerns authorities and a part of Romanians alike is another thing: the paradoxical behavior of the Romanians. It seems they are very easy to be manipulated and influenced.

Virus death toll in Romania: Common Flu 45 – Coronavirus 0

Romania has registered so far thousands of common flu patients, out of which 45 have died. Romanians didn’t care – they behaved normally, going to work, enjoying their leisure time together with friends and having a normal social life.

All of a sudden, the Coronavirus fear reached Romania, even in the absence of confirmed cases on Romanian territory. Overnight, Romania has changed into a different country, whose people behave hysterical – stocks of surgical masks disappeared, just to be overpricedly sold on the e-shop platforms, and people started using not only face masks, but also military gas masks in public, or even transparent bags on their heads.

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On top of that, Romanians started to buy enormous quantities of food and water, emptying the stores, just in case Coronavirus strikes Romania as well. Despite the efforts of the authorities to prevent such an irrational behavior, Romanians proved to be an easy to manipulate people.

Why Coronavirus is not so dangerous as you were told

So far, the statistics show that Coronavirus has caused fewer deaths than common flu.

Worldometer Coronavirus cases

Even if Coronavirus spread fear all over the world, one should know that:

  • Coronavirus haven’t killed any child younger than 9 years old
  • Coronavirus killed mostly people over their 80 or suffering from other disease
  • The total number of infected persons all over the world reached 80,000. Out of these, 30,000 people recovered and 2,200 died.
  • The basic measures to be taken for preventing getting infected are the same as in the common flu case: wash your hands, avoid staying near the sick persons, strengthen your immune system.

No reson to panic

Italy, one of the “most affected countries in Europe” registered 300 Coronavirus cases, out of which 11 died. The virus proved deadly for some of the above 80 years old patients and for some of the people suffering of other disease. The rest of the patients are recovering.

No reason to panic. No reason to empty the stores searching for food. No reason to fear a virus which caused less trouble worldwide than the common flu one.

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