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July 5, 2020
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Romanian acting-PM: Romanian Authorities Are Ready To Fight Coronavirus

Romanian acting PM, Mr. Ludovic Orban, has called for calm and asked the citizens to trust Romanian medical authorities regarding the measures taken to prevent a Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic in Romania.

His statement came after concerns express on the social media platforms regarding the Romanians coming back from the Italian cities which are in quarantine because the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic.

So far, Italy is the most affected European country. On the other hand, Italy is the country where the biggest Romanian Diaspora community lives and work. Lots of Romanians live in the quarantined areas and some of them are travelling back home.

Wuhan Coronavirus reached close to 80,000 infected persons and more than 2,600 deaths. So far, Romania has not confirmed any Coronavirus infected persons, but authorities are preparing for the worst.

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