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December 7, 2023
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WUHAN Coronavirus COVID-19 – what you need to know

Update: this article about Coronavirus COVID-19 is updated as for March 9 2020.

Wuhan Coronavirus COVID-19: is there a pandemic or not? How does the Wuhan virus manifest? Are there any ways to prevent getting infected with this coronavirus? Is the quarantine enough to prevent spreading the Wuhan virus from the infected patients to other people?

All these are questions people ask when it comes to preventing the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic worldwide. We’ll try and answer these question in the following.

Is there a pandemic of Wuhan Coronavirus or not?

This is the live map, updated regularly, with the evolution of the Wuhan Coronavirus worldwide. As up to March 9 2020, the confirmed cases worldwide exceeded 111,000 but this number is going to rise each day.

Mainland China has the highest number of confirmed Wuhan Coronavirus cases, around 80,00. There are sources which accuse the Chinese government of hiding the real number of confirmed cases, but no one could know exactly what is happening there.

Unfortunately, Wuhan Coronavirus also infected people outside China, so far in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, but also in Europe and United States. The first confirmed Wuhan Coronavirus confirmed cases in Europe appeared in France, but Italy is the country who was hit harder than any other European country.

At the moment this article is updated, March 9 2020, Italy registered 7,375 cases, from which 366 deaths.

As the number of the infected patients on all the continents will increase, WHO, the World Health Organization, will consider Wuhan Coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic.

How does the Wuhan Coronavirus COVID-19 manifest?

Medics say the symptoms are quite common to an ordinary flu, namely:

  • fever
  • runny nose
  • coughing
  • hard breathing
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • sore throat
  • etc.

While all these are only bearable symptoms, the Wuhan Coronavirus proves deadly when it comes to people with low immunity, such as babies or elderly persons, as it leads to pneumonia, severe bronchitis or even failure of internal organs and, inevitably, death.

Is there a way to prevent getting infected with Wuhan Coronavirus?

First of all, how did it start? Specialists consider Huanan Seafood Market from Wuhan is to be blamed for the Coronavirus outbreak as the source of the all evil. It might be it, if we think that this Coronavirus is a type which is transmitted from animals to human and Huanan Market is known for selling lots of weird, live animals.

Among them, bats were considered a “delicacy” and the infamous bat soup is the first to be indicated as the means which allowed the Coronavirus to humans. Yet, the truth is far more complicated.

The bat soup couldn’t infect anyone with any virus, as doctors say, because viruses are annihilated through boiling. While boiling the soup, the viruses could do no harm to the consumers, as disgusting as that soup might look to many of us.

In fact, Wuhan Coronavirus might have firstly infected the humans who manipulated the live animals, might these animals be bats or any other living creatures. After this first step, when the virus mutated and infected the humans, the sick people transmitted the disease to other people around them. This is how the Coronavirus might have spread from animals to humans, but doctors could’t agree on the nature of the virus out-breaking and they are not certain the virus was transmitted from an animal to humans.

Can Chinese people prevent getting infected? In mainland China people are quarantined in tens of millions within cities’ limits and public transport within and towards or outwards the cities is forbidden. People wear masks, but this doesn’t prevent them being infected, as lots of pictures from Wuhan show people falling down to the ground, infected with this Coronavirus, while wearing masks.

Despite these measures, Wuhan Coronavirus infects Chinese people in thousands, but the number of the infected and of the dead is supposedly more as the Chinese authorities might conceal the real picture from the world.

Can people outside China prevent getting infected? The Coronavirus seems to strike so far away from them that sometimes people in Europe and America forget the basic measures of protecting themselves even from getting the ordinary flu. Wearing a mask might seem a little far fetched for some, but washing the hands and avoiding crowded areas is in hand for everyone.

Is the quarantine enough to prevent spreading the Wuhan virus from the infected patients to other people?

If we look at the images compiled on Youtube, the quarantine seems not to be enough for preventing spreading the virus.

The video shows people in Wuhan dropping at the ground, apparently from contracting the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV. The images show a nightmares for the doctors in Wuhan, as some of them are dropping to the ground as well while curing the patients.

Quarantine seems not to be enough for preventing the spreading of the Coronavirus, even if the Chinese authorities simply closed large cities from being entered or left. Moreover, China is celebrating the Lunar Year and people all over the country started travelling to their families on January 24, lots of them infected, thus spreading the virus more.

In conclusion…

The Wuhan Coronavirus is a very serious problem in China, all over Asia, but also in Europe and the United States. Yet, the basic prevention measures which all the persons should take during cold season are enough to prevent being infected or infect the others. Also, a strong immunity system helps you in this case.

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