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July 24, 2024
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Video: ‘Bigar’ Waterfall in Romania Partially Collapses

The Bigar waterfall in Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park partially collapsed on Monday, June 7. In 2013 the Bigar waterfall was named The Most Beautiful Waterfall in the World by the specialized press.

According to sources, in 2018 the waterfall was visited by approximately 100,000 tourists, attracted by the beauty of the waterfall.

The moment of collapsing was captured on camera and published on social media.

Bigar Waterfall in Romania partially collapsing

The controversy related to the causes of the collapsing sparked arguments on social media and in the public space. The Romanian National Forest Directorate – ROMSILVA had to defend itself and communicates that the waterfall collapsed because of natural causes. According to ROMSILVA, the waterfall got heavy in time with moss and travertine.

Disregard the real cause of the unfortunate incident, most of the Romanians are not happy with the way ROMSILVA takes care of the forests and natural attractions in the forests. Illegal logging makes the Romanian forests disappear little by little and the largest reforestation campaign in the recent decade, as it was announced by the current Government, was proved to be a joke.

People think that man intervention over the natural course of the waters made the waterfall collapse.

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